Fall Makeup Trends for 2022

The long-awaited fall season is finally here, and everyone is excited about what fall makeup trends are going to be the hottest in 2022. Fall makeup trends come in many colors, but the most notable colors of the fall season are bold earthy tones, metallic and shimmer shades, and vampy shades. Lucky for you, you won't need tons of different eyeshadow palettes and lipsticks to pull off this season's hottest fall makeup trends. With just Eleman Beauty's Terra Eyeshadow Palette, Inferno Eyeshadow Palette, Madrid Matte Liquid Lipstick, and Dubai Matte Lipstick, you can recreate this season's hottest fall makeup trends with one-stop shopping! The collection features hues that are stunningly gorgeous, and they will create stunning results regardless of your complexion.

All those warm, earthy, gold, shimmer, burnt orange, and deep maroon hues that dominate the fall season come in 18 shades. How crazy rich is that?! These eyeshadows and lipsticks create everything from wearable, everyday looks to rich, darker makeup for those extra special nights out with friends while making you look effortlessly chic and sophisticated.

So, are you ready to experiment a little with your beauty look and have fun trying out different fall makeup trends that will truly bring warmth, earthiness, richness, and sophistication to your look? Without further ado, let's have a look at the best fall makeup trends and create a dreamy and fierce look that will wow your friends and family this fall.


Natural nude makeup look for everyday

Smudged Eyeliner

This fall, those sharp-edged eyeliner looks are out and are being replaced by a smudged, softer eyeliner look that makes your eyes pop. Want to know what's more interesting? You can wear this smudged eyeliner look in various colors, not just black or brown.

And it's pretty easy to create this look. First of all, as with any eye makeup look, prep your eyelids with a primer. For the best results, choose one that is transparent or close to your skin color. Next, take a creamy eyeliner pencil of your choice. Draw a thick liner along your lash line and softly smudge it with an eyeshadow brush.

Take the Eleman Beauty Terra Eyeshadow Palette if you want to stick to a more neutral color and choose a shade of your preference. The shades Brick, Phoenix, and willow will work beautifully for this look. Or, if you want to create a smudged eyeliner inspired by the fall leaves, go for the Eleman Beauty Inferno Eyeshadow Palette. You can play with the shades in Up in Smoke, Flame, and Toasty to create a fun look. Take a small amount of eyeshadow at a time and slightly apply it only to the smudged area just to enhance the look. Voila! How easy was that fall makeup trend? 

Warm smokey eye makeup model Eleman beautyWarm Smokey Eye

What eye makeup look screams glamour, sophistication, and sexiness all at the same time more than a warm
smokey eye? It's not that difficult to pull off this look, and you may have seen the most beautiful celebrities sport this look at various red carpet events. Yes, we know why you stay clear of creating a smokey eye, and yes, it can be a bit difficult to find the right shade that complements your natural eye color.

Since this warm smokey eye is in the fall makeup trends this year, you should give it a try because you may have found the perfect eyeshadow palette and the right colors to create this bold fall smokey eye that leaves everyone speechless. And that's the Eleman Beauty Terra Eyeshadow Palette.

This eyeshadow palette has luxurious matte shades that are ideal for creating a smoky eye that will be perfect for fall. You can leave the traditional charred, grungy smokey eye days behind and create an Instagram-worthy smokey eye that gives off a subdued, romantic feel. To create this look, apply the shade Dessert all over your lid. Then, apply a liner along your lashline and blend it out with a brush. Next, take the shade Phoenix and layer it over the smudged liner and blend it halfway up your eyelid. To create that faded-out look, take the shades Brick and Eden and softly smooth out the crease area. Finish off the look with false lashes and mascara, and there you have it! It wasn't too hard, was it? 

Eleman Lips Banner Matte Lipstick two models

Vampy Lips

Some people believe that there is little room for innovation when it comes to their lips, but the latest fall makeup trends prove this to be far from the case. Vampy lips are one of the classic fall makeup trends that seem to be getting hotter and hotter every season. This year, the vampy lips aren't just about the dark red lips. It comes with a twist of dark, brown-based, burgundy hues to add a touch of sultry character to the look.

Eleman Beauty Dubai Matte Liquid Lipstick will be your go-to lip color this fall to define your pout and make it appear plumper, giving your overall makeup a very chic and sophisticated look. After hiding your lips behind a mask for a long time, it's finally time to reveal that perfect shade of vampy burgundy hue paired with strong liner and bold eyes to make you shine like a celebrity. 

Shop the best eyeshadows and lipsticksTerracotta Lips

Along with updating your wardrobe and skincare routines, it's time to switch from those regular nudes to the gingery, brown terracotta hues that are the stars of fall makeup trends for 2022. These shades are perfect for reminiscing the beauty of falling leaves as well as adding some gorgeous new dimensions to your look.

Eleman Beauty has the perfect terracotta lip shade to match any warm to cool undertone, which is the Eleman Beauty Madrid Matte Liquid Lipstick. This highly pigmented matte liquid lipstick will give your look the autumnal touch it needs with a creamy, smooth application that feels comfortable on your lips without the need to keep re-applying! The pigmentation lasts for hours and gives your lips a soft-touch feel.


Wrap It Up!

These fall makeup trends can be mixed and matched together to create flawless fall looks that are perfect for the holiday season. You can experiment with these Eleman Beauty products to create a variety of looks. Plus, they are super pigmented and lightweight to wear, which is something you will love about makeup products.

These fall make trends are universal because anyone can rock them! But, you don't have to cap yourself to just these fall makeup trends. Instead, be creative and have fun experimenting with different colors and styles to create a unique look!